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Agency Athlete is a full service global sports agency providing management, marketing and business services for today’s professional athlete. We are accomplished sports agents and seasoned sports marketers ready to serve you.

Who Are We

  • Global Sports Agency

    Agency Athlete based in New York City works with emerging athletes in all professional sports. We have sports agents located across the USA and around the world.

  • Certified Sports Agents

    Our certified sports agents are among the best in the business, with years of experience working with athletes of all levels.

  • Draft Preparation

    Agency Athlete will guide you through the challenging professional sports evaluation process and prepare you for next steps.

  • Sports Marketing Experts

    Our seasoned sports marketers will analyze your brand to craft a customized marketing strategy and then identify opportunities that fit your brand on a regional, national and global level.

  • Social Media Pioneers

    Agency Athlete has extensive social media experience across all platforms in leveraging an athlete’s brand in order to engage the community and generate new business opportunities.

  • Sports Dealmakers

    Our experience in the world of sports, business, media and entertainment allow us to consistently generate innovative, cutting-edge opportunities for our clients.

Join Our Family

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Our Services

  • Management

    Agency Athlete is a full-service global sports agency providing representation services for emerging professional athletes. More Info

  • Development

    We assist athletes in their quest to reach professional sports leagues or attain sponsorships. We provide the proper guidance and marketing tools to give you an edge.

  • Training

    Agency Athlete provides its athletes with comprehensive training and preparation for the physical and mental rigors of professional sports. More Info

  • Post-Career

    The average professional sports career lasts only 3.8 years. We prepare our clients for their post-career from the moment they sign with us. More Info

  • Marketing

    Agency Athlete brings an unmatched level of marketing expertise to our clients. We develop creative marketing programs that are specifically tailored for each athlete. More Info

  • Public Relations

    Agency Athlete offers an integrated public relations approach that increases media visibility by generating brand buzz. More Info

  • Social Media

    We offer an integrated approach designed to leverage social media to increase visibility, engage your fan base and generate new business opportunities. More Info

  • Consulting

    Agency Athlete employs a creative “outside-the-box” approach to designing custom corporate sports marketing programs integrated across all platforms. More Info



We Fuel Growth

Agency Athlete will build your brand for the long haul. The average pro athlete career lasts only 3.8 years. We prepare our clients for their post-career from the moment they sign with us.

Successful marketing takes a sustained effort by an experienced team. We are dedicated to helping our clients be successful both on and off the field. This is where Agency Athlete has set itself apart from the competition.

Our marketing plan is to leverage your personal interests, maximize all possible opportunities, and position your athlete brand for enduring success.

  • Build Brand Awareness
  • Leverage Interests
  • Engage Community
  • Maximize Opportunities

We begin by analyzing your brand so we can craft a customized marketing strategy.

  • Brand Analysis
  • Strategic Media Plan
  • Media Training
  • Online Reputation

Our design experts will develop your personal branding package including your website and social media presence.

  • Personal Logo
  • Image Package
  • Athlete Website
  • Social Media

We will implement a proactive community outreach program to lead you to a winning career in both sports and life.

  • Public Relations
  • Speech-writing
  • Event Planning
  • Community Outreach

Our seasoned sports marketing professionals will identify various opportunities that fit your brand on a regional and national level.

  • Appearances
  • Endorsements
  • Memorabilia
  • Sponsorships

Our team will continuously search a wide range of marketing opportunities. Agency Athlete will proactively go after all types of marketing opportunities that most agents do not pursue.

  • Licensing
  • Publishing
  • Broadcasting
  • Entertainment

Training Programs


Agency Athlete provides its athletes with comprehensive training and preparation for the mental and physical rigors of professional sports.


Our training program has been developed to increase each athlete’s speed, power and agility in preparation for enduring success.


Agency Athlete works with a training staff with extensive experience in preparing athletes for professional sports.


We utilize renowned professional athlete training facilities across the nation.

Let us lead your winning career in both sports and life.

Steps To Success


– Training Programs
– Scouting Combines
– Draft Preparation
– Strategic Advice


– Certified Agents
– Contract Negotiations
– Free Agency Experts
– Legal Services


– Branding
– Memorabilia
– Appearances
– Endorsements


– Entrepreneurship
– Financial Planning
– Business Consulting
– Sports Broadcasting


– Travel
– Real Estate
– Event Planning
– Concierge Services

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