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New Football Leagues Provide More Opportunities for Small School Players

on April 2, 2019

Every year there are a small handful of players from small schools that are fortunate enough to get a chance to play professionally. Those guys aren’t the only ones with the talent, skill and athleticism necessary to play at the next level.

They are the select few that will at least get an opportunity to make an NFL or CFL roster. It isn’t necessarily because teams do not want to give them shot. But there are only so many guys that can be invited to training camp and even fewer that can be signed.

Historically, there just haven’t been enough opportunities. However, with the advent of new leagues like the XFL next year, that is starting to change.

The XFL has been getting a lot of attention in the media, but in reality, there are several professional minor leagues in existence that are dying to give underappreciated, talented players a shot.

The MFL, or Minor Football League, has been around since 1993. The Gridiron Developmental League started up in 2010 and the Rivals Professional Football League has been in business since 2012. There are also a handful of indoor/arena leagues (i.e., the Arena Football League and Indoor Football League).

Let’s not forget The Spring League.

Opportunities are out there. But just like NFL scouts and coaches don’t hear about small school guys, those same small school guys don’t hear about the litany of options that are available to those who really want to keep playing beyond college.

That can be where it helps to have someone in your corner; a player marketing service that keeps you informed about these other leagues and makes sure those leagues know about you.

Going somewhere other than a major FBS program shouldn’t exclude you from getting a shot at playing at the next level. But you (or the right service) may have to do a little extra work to get there.

johnHNew Football Leagues Provide More Opportunities for Small School Players