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How to Become a Sports Agent

on May 15, 2019

Being involved in professional sports is a dream that millions of kids have all the time. But only the most elite of elite athletes become pros in their chosen sport. However, that doesn’t mean that the rest of us can’t get in the ‘game.’

We just have to find a different avenue—like becoming a sports agent.

The job isn’t as glamorous or dramatic as Jerry Maguire made it appear to be. But it can be exciting, fast-paced, and incredibly short on dull moments. Like most jobs, if you are good at it, you can make a pretty good living in the process.

So—how do you become a sports agent?

For one, it does take a little money. Each sport’s players association will require you to pay an application fee—and they are not cheap. But they don’t want just anyone trying to become an agent. They want people that are serious about the job; being willing to pay $2500 for an application fee is one way to show you are indeed serious.

Every sport will also want you to pass a background check. None of the various player associations lists what could disqualify you as a potential agent. So, you may want to contact someone at the players association you are applying to if you need further clarification.

To make sure you have the mental aptitude necessary to look after the best interest of the players, every sport will require you to take a written exam geared towards proving your ability to perform the duties of an agent.

Some sports do require a college degree and even a post-grad degree.

Of course, applying to become an agent and actually knowing what to do once you are one are two different things. But there are services out there like Agency Athlete’s Sports Agent Training Academy, that will teach you how to be a sports agent.

Becoming one is the easy part. But doing the job and being one—that is something else altogether.


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