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How to Become an NBA Agent

on May 15, 2019

With the NBA postseason well underway, there are probably hundreds if not thousands of kids watching James Harden, Chris Paul, Kevin Durant, and Kyrie Irving work their magic every night. As they watch, most of them will be thinking, “That can be me someday.”

Some of them will be right. But those select few will not be able to get there on their own. They will need the help and support of friends, family, and coaches along the way. When they do make it to the NBA, they are going to need the services of a certified NBA agent as well.

It takes incredible athleticism, skill, and talent to become a player in the NBA. What does it take to become an agent for the league?

The league does not require its agents to develop a jump shot or anything like that. But the players association does want agents to be educated. They are required to have a four-year degree, but relevant negotiating experience can be substituted for education.

Potential agents will have to fill out an application (which will have to be approved) and pay a $250 application fee (non-refundable). All applicants are also required to submit to and pass a background investigation.

Along with the application fee, applicants will have to pay a pro-rated portion of $1250 in agent dues (depending on when you apply and how much of the current season remains). However, if your application is denied, it will be refunded.

Applicants will also have to take a written examination prior to the application window (July 1 through October 1). The next chance will be in January 2020.

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