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How to Become an NFL Agent

on May 15, 2019

So, after seeing Jerry Maguire a couple of dozen times, you think you want to become an NFL agent. You want to have your own ‘show me the money’ moment and be someone’s ‘ambassador of Quan.’

Of course, the reality of that world and what they portray in movies, are two different things. Not that the real world of an NFL agent is not exciting, but if you are looking to be Jerry Maguire Jr. or the next Bob Sugar, you may want to head to Hollywood instead.

But if you are serious about becoming an NFL agent, there is a process involved—and it isn’t easy. The NFL Players Association doesn’t want just any old person representing and guiding its members. It wants intelligent, educated people with the right intentions.

To that end, to become an agent, you will need to submit to and pass a background investigation as well as pay a $2500 non-refundable application fee. They will also want you to have an undergraduate and post-grad degree (masters or law)—but that is not all.

You will also have to pass a proctored written examination and attend a two-day seminar in Washington D.C.

The exam will cover things like the CBA, the Salary Cap, NFL Player Benefits, and other things you will need to know to represent a player. The test contains 60 multiple choice questions that you will have three hours to answer—and it is open book (you can prepare notes).

But becoming certified to represent an NFL player and actually being able to do the job are two different things. With the help of the training sessions, online courses, and other things offered by Agency Athlete’s Sports Agent Training Academy, you can learn what it takes to be a successful NFL agent.

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