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How to Get into the NFL Undrafted

on September 18, 2019

No draft-eligible college football player wants to go undrafted. Every player has dreamt about hearing his name called out during the NFL Draft. However, it just isn’t in the cards for everyone. That doesn’t mean the dream is dead if you go undrafted.

Last April, 254 guys were selected during the 2019 NFL Draft. In the days following the draft, over 430 guys signed contracts as undrafted free agents.

So—if you don’t get drafted, how can you go about getting into the NFL undrafted?

If you are thinking about playing in the NFL, more than likely, you are going to be physically ready to do so. But to get your shot, there is one very important thing that players must do—get their name out there.


How to do so in an effective manner while still looking professional can be difficult. But help is available.

Agency Athlete has a membership-based sports marketing service that can help players in need of exposure get it. Through their marketing efforts, athlete profiles, social media blasts, and more, players that go undrafted can get the help they need to find the right opportunities.

There are a lot of great college football players that go undrafted every year. In many cases, it is not because they aren’t good enough. They just weren’t on television much (if at all), so no one knew what their name was.

Agency Athlete’s marketing service can make sure everyone knows your name.

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