Athlete Profile


Team Avitohol
Plovdiv, Bulgaria

Sport Fencing
Hometown: Plovdiv, Bulgaria
Date Of Birth: 12/22/97
Height: 5'11
Weight: 154 Lbs
Next Event: Bulgaria National Championships
Future: European & World Championships
Seeking: Training & Sponsorship Opportunities

Armine Badvaganyan is a talented fencing athlete from Bulgaria who has excelled in national and international competitions. She is known for a smooth attack and a fast counterattack.

Armine's career started at an early age in 2008 where she placed first in Bulgaria's National Championship. Since then she has dominated Bulgaria Fencing by having won 8 more gold medals, 10 silver and 14 bronze in individual and team competitions.

Armine has participated in three international competitions: Balkan Championships in Varna, Bulgaria, 2016; European Championships U23 in Plovdiv, Bulgaria, 2016 and World Championships for Cadets in Plovdiv, 2014, in which she performed the best out of the three and became 68th out of 88 fencers.

Currently, she is focused on training for the Bulgaria National Championship and seeking to compete in the European and World Championships. Armine is seeking training and sponsorship opportunities in Europe and U.S.A. to further her international fencing experience.