Athlete Profile


DE | LB | Punter
Selma City Vikings
Montgomery, AL

Position: DE, LB, Punter
Team: Selma City Vikings
Hometown: Montgomery, AL
Date Of Birth: 4/13/86
Height: 5'9
Weight: 207 Lbs.
40 Yard: 4.8
L-Cone: 6
Pro Shuttle: 4.75
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Josh Martin is a talented football player who can play multiple positions including DE, LB and Punter. Josh currently plays for the Selma City Vikings and shows an aggressive style in rushing the pass and stopping the run.

In 2017, he played for the Midstate Vikings who won the APDFL-East Division championship. Josh has intuitive football instincts and a willingness to learn and develop as a player.

Josh has the intelligence, work ethic, talent, heart, and determination to succeed as a professional football player and will reward the team that signs him. Josh is the type of player that would be an asset to your team both on and off the field.