Video Game Producer Seeks Solution To Launch New Sports Game

Global Online Sports & Entertainment, LLC was seeking to launch a new type of online sports video game. The company had a rough concept of their vision and needed a capable manager to bring their idea to life.

Agency Athlete was contracted to handle all aspects of developing the new online basketball game called FastBreakPlay. Agency Athlete provided a turnkey solution that spanned the conceptual phase, branding, programming, legal, marketing and project management.

Agency Athlete developed the branding of the game including the name, logo design and social media. John procured and managed the team of offshore programmers to build out the comprehensive online game platform. Agency Athlete worked with legal counsel to make sure the terms & conditions of the game were in compliance with national and state gaming laws.

Agency Athlete continues to consult where he manages the day-to-day operations including technical, marketing and business support.

Agency Athlete was able to leverage his extensive business network to deliver a cost-effective solution in building and marketing an exciting online sports video game. The game has experienced a surge of global users that are competing on a daily basis. Agency Athlete has been driving this growth while seeking ways to further monetize the platform.

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