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Athlete Management

We will build your brand for the long haul. Our marketing plan is to leverage your personal interests, maximize all possible opportunities, and position your athlete brand for enduring success.

We Fuel Growth

The average pro athlete career lasts only 3.8 years. We prepare our clients for their post-career from the moment they sign with us.

Successful marketing takes a sustained effort by an experienced team. We are dedicated to helping our clients be successful both on and off the field. This is where Agency Athlete has set itself apart from the competition.

Our marketing plan is to leverage your personal interests, maximize all possible opportunities, and position your athlete brand for enduring success.

  • Build Brand Awareness
  • Leverage Interests
  • Engage Community
  • Maximize Opportunities

We begin by analyzing your brand so we can craft a customized marketing strategy.

  • Brand Analysis
  • Strategic Media Plan
  • Media Training
  • Online Reputation

Our design experts will develop your personal branding package including your website and social media presence.

  • Personal Logo
  • Image Package
  • Athlete Website
  • Social Media

We will implement a proactive community outreach program to lead you to a winning career in both sports and life.

  • Public Relations
  • Speech-writing
  • Event Planning
  • Community Outreach

Our seasoned sports marketing professionals will identify various opportunities that fit your brand on a regional and national level.

  • Appearances
  • Endorsements
  • Memorabilia
  • Sponsorships

Our team will continuously search a wide range of marketing opportunities. Agency Athlete will proactively go after all types of marketing opportunities that most agents do not pursue.

  • Licensing
  • Publishing
  • Broadcasting
  • Entertainment

Let us lead your winning career in both sports and life.

Our digital marketing team will leverage social media to increase visibility, engage your fan base and generate new business opportunities. Your brand message told through authentic visual content.

Engage Your Fans

Agency Athlete offers a range of social media services, including strategic planning, community management, digital marketing, brand monitoring and optimization.

Social media is now a critical component to an athlete’s overall brand. Our team of social media consultants will work with you to develop a custom strategy that fits your vision.

Our integrated approach is designed to leverage social media in order to increase visibility, engage your fan base and generate new business opportunities.

We are experts in utilizing marketing strategies that leverage popular social networks in order to organically create media buzz for an athlete’s digital brand.









Agency Athlete offers an integrated public relations approach that increases media visibility by generating brand buzz.

We commence the process with an in-depth brand analysis report that offers personal strategies in utilizing an athlete’s talent in the best way.

The findings in this report provide us insight on how best to position your brand, leverage your star-power and create media opportunities.

Our public relations solutions help take your game to the next level while having a dedicated team to back you up.

Being a professional athlete is the opportunity of a lifetime. It is an honor and a privilege to compete in the highest levels of your sport.

It is also a demanding business where your dreams can be shattered in one instance with a career-ending injury. It is vital that you have a proven plan in place for your post-career.

It is our mission to prepare our clients for their post-career from the moment they sign with us. We devise a post-career plan that not only protects you financially but also sets a course for enduring success.

Many retired athletes reinvent themselves and achieve a higher level of success during their post career compared to their active career. We can help get you there.

  • Athlete Insurance

    We work with the most reputable insurance companies to secure disability or loss of value polices in order to protect the future earnings of our clients.

  • Financial Planning

    Our certified financial planners will develop a wealth accumulation plan that will focus on a range of personalized strategies to help you accomplish your goals.

  • Entrepreneurship

    Have an idea for a new business? Our team can hash out the positives of your concept and formulate the right strategy.

  • Sports Broadcasting

    We provide the tools for you to seamlessly transition from your successful playing career into an exciting career in sports broadcasting.

  • Coaching

    Share your knowledge with the next generation of athletes in your sport. Being a coach can be quite rewarding. We’ll help improve your expertise and open new career opportunities.

Brand Ambassadors

Working with professional athletes is the most cost effective way to achieve your business objectives while aligning your brand with highly visible professional athletes.

Professional athletes are a proven marketing vehicle for generating publicity, building brand awareness and increasing sales.

Nothing sells a product or service like a professional athlete. These stars appeal to all demographics including the coveted younger market.

Agency Athlete employs a creative “outside-the-box” approach to securing innovative opportunities for our corporate clients.

Let Agency Athlete craft a custom proposal that meets your individual needs and budget. Start working with professional athletes today.

  • Athlete Appearances

    Active and retired professional athletes from all sports are available for all types of appearances. Let Agency Athlete create a memorable experience for your company and customers.

  • Athlete Endorsements

    Professional athletes can serve as effective endorsers while building brand awareness and creating new opportunities.

  • Athlete Memorabilia

    Authentic autographed memorabilia serve as great personal and corporate gifts. Athlete memorabilia auctions are an ideal vehicle for charity fundraising. Our team can procure specific athlete memorabilia requests to meet all your needs.

  • Brand Integration

    Professional athletes are available to cleverly mention brands in various forms of media. Our team works with companies in weaving imaginative brand mentions or product placements within television, print, video, editorial and social media.

  • Speaking Engagements

    Professional athletes are perfect for corporate and personal speaking engagements. Athletes are well-versed on many different subjects and can be quite entertaining for your event.

  • Social Media

    Athletes tend to have a large targeted social media following. Athletes are available to weave your brand messaging with their daily social media output.

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