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Motorsports Radar Series: Mike Hall

on February 4, 2020

In our “Motorsports Radar” Series we highlight promising athletes that are flying below the radar.

Mike Hall is a highly talented driver currently competing in the USCS National Tour Mini Sprints and Lucas Oil POWRI National Tour. In 2019, Mike was a USCS National Champion ranked #1 in points with more feature wins in fewer races.

2018 was Mike’s first year competing in USCS Micro Sprint and he finished in 2nd Place in National Points and won rookie of the Year Honors. Mike comes from a racing family and has over 26 years of racing experience with 200+ feature wins.

Q&A with Mike Hall

Q: When did you start your motorsports career?

I started racing go karts just before my fourth birthday.

Q: What is the fondest memory of your motorsports career?

When I was about 12 years old getting to run a late model race with Bill Elliot and Red Farmer at Talladega Short Track.

Q: What was your best race in competition?

Either when I was about 15 we got caught up in a wreck on the first lap of a heat race and knocked the left front off the car. We were able to keep going and ran the rest of the heat race with the left front gone and finished second. Or it could be two years ago in our first season with the USCS mini sprints. We were in Milton, FL and started 3rd in the A main. Had a water line come loose just as we were rolling onto the track. I came back to the pits, got it tightened up and went back out, but had to start in the rear of the field, I think it was 22nd or 23rd.. Anyway, we were able to work our way to 2nd, got spun, had to go to the back again and drove from liek 14th to 2nd in about four or five laps.

Q: Who was your favorite driver growing up?

Easy, Dale Earnhardt professionally, and my father as a driver that didn’t make a living racing cars.

Q: Which current driver most resembles you?

Wow, that’s tough.. I don’t have the credentials of Sammy Swindell, but I sure hope I am still driving at his age with the level of competitiveness that he does. Other than him probably Kyle Larson. He is such a well rounded driver, races asphalt, dirt, wing, non wing sprint cars, midgets.. He can do it all. I like to think I am a well rounded driver myself.

Q: What are you currently doing in motorsports?

I am currently running 600cc outlaw micro sprints. We travel with the USCS National tour and the POWRI National Tour.

Q: What do you need to do to take your motorsports career to the next level?

The next step up for us would be to get into a 360 Sprint Car. To do that we would need more hands in the shop and more hands at the track. Of course with that need comes the need for much more money.. Eventually I would like to get a 360 ride with either the USCS or ASCS National Tour.

Q: What would be your pitch to potential sponsors?

I am a hard worker. I am dedicated and extremely loyal. I work a regular job, and I am fortunate enough to have a wife behind me that supports my racing 100%. We are working to build our social media platform every day. We spared no expense on building this race team, and will put forth the same effort to promote our partners.

Q: What do you want to do besides motorsports?

Between work, working on the race car, motor home, and race car trailer I don’t do much else. I have a grand daughter and a grand son now so in what little down time I do have I try to spend it with family.I dedicated the first part of my life to God, our country, my family and my job. I still focus on those things today, but I have found a way to bring racing back into my life. I do like to watch the occasional sitcom or reality tv show like Gold Rush, or anything on MavTV.. Oh and I can’t forget my buddie Joe Martin’s show on Motortrend, Iron Resurrection.

Q: What do you like to do for fun?

I love college football, so I try and catch as many games as I can. When time allows I like to ride me motorcycle here in the mountains.

Q: If you could have dinner with any three people, deceased or alive, who would they be?

Jesus– There’s no greater teacher of life than he.
Warren Buffet– I can’t think of a better individual to learn business from.
Dale Earnhardt– Because he was the best of the best at what he did. Want to talk about sacrificing for your dream.. He absolutely did.

For more on Mike, check out his Agency Bio and his Facebook Page.

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