Agency Athlete provides management, marketing and business services for today’s pro football player.

  • Sports Agents

    Certified sports agents with years of experience working with all major pro sports.

  • Athlete Marketing

    Our marketing experts work to generate a wide range of branding opportunities.

  • Athlete Training

    Comprehensive training and preparation for the physical and mental rigors of pro sports.

  • Strategic Advisor

    Trusted advisors providing proper guidance to navigate a competitive business.

  • Athlete Management

    Representation services for professional football players.

  • Social Media

    Our team will build your digital brand through fan engagement and content marketing.

  • Draft Preparation

    We guide you through the challenging NFL draft process and prepare you for next steps.

  • Post-Career

    The moment you sign, we make it our mission to prepare you for life after sports.

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We will build your brand for the long haul. Our marketing plan is to leverage your personal interests, maximize all possible opportunities, and position your athlete brand for enduring success.

Agency Athlete provides its athletes with comprehensive training and preparation for the physical and mental rigors of the NFL Combine and Pro Day. We utilize renowned NFL Combine training facilities across the nation.

Agency Athlete will guide you through the challenging NFL evaluation process. We will help you avoid the pitfalls and be with you every step of the way. Remember, your dream of reaching the NFL is our dream too. Monthly timeline of what you can expect.

Remember the average football career lasts only 3.8 years. We prepare our clients for their post-career the moment they sign with us. The NFLPA provides a range of player development opportunities.

Agency Athlete will always deliver an unmatched level of personal service. We are dedicated to helping our clients be successful both on and off the field.