DeAngelo Hall

DeAngelo Hall Produces “Behind the Scenes” Videos for Fans

All-Pro cornerback DeAngelo Hall of the Washington Redskins sought a platform to broadcast “behind-the-scenes” videos of his life as an NFL player. He was seeking to improve his image with fans while leveraging social media to get across his message.

Agency Athlete teamed up with DeAngelo Hall to develop an online video channel so he could broadcast homemade videos for his fans. In order to help grow his online traffic organically, we set up DeAngelo Hall with Twitter and Facebook pages. We utilized a combination of his website, local media and social media platforms to distribute his content.

DeAngelo Hall’s willingness to provide fans with an inside look at the life of an NFL player had tremendous public relations value. Agency Athlete was able to develop the online platform and leverage social media to distribute this invaluable content.

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