Eric Winston

Eric Winston Publishes Weekly Online Video Blog

Eric Winston, was an offensive tackle with the Houston Texans and had a desire to be extremely active posting video blogs during the NFL season. He was seeking a digital partner that could facilitate the process.

Agency Athlete provided Eric the online platform, editorial support and video editing services to streamline the production process. With this invaluable support, Eric was able to consistently publish video blogs during each NFL season.

Eric Winston is quite articulate and may have a future as a sportscaster after his NFL career.  Agency Athlete provided him the platform to hone his video skills while endearing himself to fans and increasing his exposure – an invaluable opportunity for an offensive tackle, a position often overlooked by mainstream sports media. Eric has impressed many people in sports media as he has been a frequent guest on NBC’s Pro Football Talk and local and national radio shows. Currently Eric Winston is the NFLPA President.

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